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A clockwise direction from Havoc
Havoc [하복/대혼란]
The devil wears Prada [악마는 프라다를 입는다]
Knocked up [사고친 후에]
The business [비지니스]
The football factory [풋볼 팩토리]
This is England [이것이 영국이다]

A brief explanation about reason for buying
Havoc : This title isnt released in Korea yet. Anne Hathaway starred in this.
The devil wears Prada : Ann Hathaway also starred in this film. It was released as 1 disc in the UK and Korea.
But Im gonna buy another one which was released as Gift set in France.
Knocked up : I posted this film. Inspite of 2 disc title, this was one of 4 for 20 quid title.
The business : It isnt yet released in Korea. I heard almost all characters are Cockney in this film.
The football factory : Same as The Business.
This is England : It was impressive film and 2 disc title.

In Korea, there are no additional explanation about why they were rated as certain rate.
However, there are in the UK.

Havoc : 18, Contains strong language, sex and hard drug use.
The devil wears Prada : 12, Contains mild language.
Knocked up : 15, Contains strong language and drug use. [18 in Korea]
The business : 18, Contains strong violence and very strong language.
The football factory : 18, Contains very strong language, violence and drug use.
This is England : 18, Contains very srtong racist violence and language.

Knocked Up

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상기 이미지의 저작권은 저작권자에 있으며, 비영리·인용의 목적으로만 사용하였습니다.

Directed by Judd Apatow
Starring Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl

사고친 후에(Knocked Up)


내용은 제목이 말해 주듯 사고쳐서 애가 들어서는 바람에 겪게 되는,
다시 말하면 하룻밤 취중 성행위에서 10개월 뒤 출산까지의 시간을 다루는
아름다운? 코미디 물이다.

메인으로 나오는 두 배우와 주조연급으로 나오는 배우
도합 네 명..인데 아는 배우가 하나도 없었다;

감독은 Judd Apatow 대표작은 '40세까지 못해본 남자(The 40 Year Old Virgin)'인데
영화를 즐겨하는 편이 아니라 모르겠다.

여주인공인 Katherine Heigl는 Grey's Anatomy에 나왔다는데
문제는 내가 Grey's Anatomy를 안봐서 모른다.

한국에선 개봉을 했는지 안했는지 모르겠다.
미국에서 의외로 성적이 좋았다고해서 호기심에 봤는데