And Michael Essien made a successful return in his first start back from knee surgery.
He scored the goal that took Chelsea into the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Magician Hiddink!!
CL Champion can come true with him.
The Blues have approached Guus Hiddink as Big Phil's replacement till the end of season.

Hiddink wants to take Russia to 2010 World cup, so he combines the two roles.

Big Phil Dismissed

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But, Im a bit worry about his Portugal connection players.
The Blues have won only 6 of 13 home PL games this season.
What the heck have they done?

Big Phil's Chelsea are definitely crap.

The only solution is to fire Big Phil, ASAP.
Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United drew yesterday,
and Chelsea also drew against West Ham today.

More important thing than Big 4's drews is
Gianfranco Zola came back to Stamford Bridge as the Hammers manager!!

It's a bit sad thing that Zola couldnt come back as the Blues manager or coach,
but, anyway, I can see him in London.
This is also okay for me.

I couldnt see the match but when I saw the score board,
Craig Bellamy got a goal before Nicolas Anelka's.

On 20th of December, If I could get a ticket at Upton park,
I'd see the game against Aston Villa.

I expect that I could see the one of the most memorable player in the Blues.
What a great!!

And how awful The Gunners are.

4 weeks ago, Burnley won the match against The Blues at Stamford bridge. [PK 5:4]
3 days later, They beat QPR, my nearest football club, at Loftus road stadium.

And today, just 1 hour ago, They beat The Gunners!!
Most of Arsenal players are reserves of course I know,
but Arsenal is one of the top teams in Premier League.

I disappointed.

Even though The Gunners concentrate their energy to catch up with the top,
they had to win last match coz there are obvious diffrences about league level.

I hope they will not lose any more in low spirit.

맨유와 아스널이 8강에 올랐다.

8팀 가운데 PL 소속이 2팀!!
게다가 내일 첼시와 리버풀도 올라온다면
최대 4팀!!

첼시가 홈에서 올림피아코스에게 지리라곤 생각하지 않고
리버풀도 홈에서 2 : 0으로 이겼으니 원정이라지만 올라올 수 있을 것 같기도 하네..

4팀 다 올라와서 골라보는 재미를 느껴보자!!

Manchster Utd and Arsenal have reached quarter-finals of the Champions League.

There are 2 English premiereship teams among the last eight, what is more,
if The Kop and The Blues have reached quarter-finals, there will be maximum 4 teams!!

I think The Blues may not lose and The Kop won last match against Inter,
so this match is away match but i guess The Kop can beat Inter at Giuseppe Meazza.

Every PL team will have reached quarter-finals and let me make a good choice to watch at the stadium!!