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  1. The Day of the Opera 2009.02.01

The Day of the Opera

from Daily Events 2009. 2. 1. 23:53
I got two opera tickets today.
One is Rigoletto, the other one is Carmen.

There are many opera shows in London this winter.
I was on my way to central London or home,
I saw lots of posters about opera in tube stations.

Let me write something about in the past.
I met a Milanese [Slovenian-Italian] mate who loves opera shows.
I already had return tickets to go to Italia,
and I had a plan to visit Arena, Verona to see operas at that time.
So, I asked her which operas are good or interesting or impressive sth like that.
then she recommended Rigoletto to me.
well, I finally watched Carmen and Aida instead of it,
anyway, I still remember what she recommended.
[I cant remember her name. I met her just one day...]

There is Rigoletto show in Royal opera house just at the good time.
Bloody luckily, I got a ticket which is only 53.25 quid on the internet!!

And Carmen...

Well.. actually, Ive already seen Carmen in Verona, Italia, last year.
But it was very impressive, and I wanted to see again without any hesitation.

I tried to buy a Carmen ticket when they started to sale last Autumn.
I couldnt have it coz I aint able to use the internet at home at that time, though.
So, when I tried, tried and tried to check the best available seats, all those were bollocks.

One day, maybe last week, I saw the Carmen poster in a tube station on my way home.
I was giving up to buy it...er...no, I completely forgot about it.

Though I didnt really expect great things to buy it, luckily I found the best available seat!!

However, I should register, if I have got a ticket.
I dont wanna sign in, so I went to Royal Albert Hall.

Fucking freezing outside...fuck!!

When I bought a ticket in Royal Albert hall,
The Box officer got all my infomation[name, address, mobile..]
Bollocks, there is no difference as purchase on the internet!!

オペラの チケツトの 購入を 完了した。
カルメンと リゴレットだ。

リゴレットは 往時 イタリア人の クラスメ―トが 推薦した 作品だ。
昨年 7月に イタリアに 行った 時, 日程の為, リゴレットは 見ることができなかった。

おりしも, ロンドンで リゴレット 公演があるから見ることにした。
さらに 幸運にも 安いチケットがあるからすばやく買った。

ロイヤル オペラ ハウスで £53.25という安価な価格で
遅れて 手に入れたものとしては かなり 満足だ。

そして カルメン。
この 作品は ヴェローナ アリーナで 見た 作品だが、
かなり 印象的だったので、また 見ることにした 作品である。


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